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Request a bike

Communicycle wants to CONNECT with our neighbors and ensure that everyone has a fun, safe bike to ride! 
In exchange for a bike, we encourage you to "Pay-it Forward" by volunteering in your community and then share your story with us about how you helped someone else.

*Race information is helpful for grant funding. It's not required.

*Please note any special requests (training wheel, no gears, etc.)

*Please note: We primarily serve Beaver County in Pennsylvania. We do require an adult for any child to pick up a bike.

Acknowledgment of Understanding: 

  • I understand that the bike I am requesting is a used bike that was donated to Communicycle.

  • If given a bike, I will not hold Communicycle, its volunteers, or partners liable for the usage of this bike.

  • Communicycle gives bikes free of charge. If given a bike, I will not seek to sell this bike at any point in time. If I outgrow or no longer want this bike, I will offer it back to Communicycle to bless someone else. If I want another bike, Communicycle can help me get one!

  • Because Communicycle cares about the safety of each individual, I will not remove any safety features from any bike I am given. 

  • Many people work together so that Communicycle can give away bikes. We ask that everyone who receives a bike, considers how they might pay this act of kindness forward.

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