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A Cycle of Service

Thank you to Caleb for sharing his story with us. He received a bike from Communicycle and has volunteered with us to pay his kindness forward! Here is what Caleb has to say:

I have had the pleasure to be in the Aliquippa community for several years. I first heard about Communicycle through my Church. As a part of Aliquippa Impact, I was able to see the ministry in action and what it meant for the kids in the community. I have been impacted by different pop up workshops in both Linmar and St. Titus. From kick-stands to gear-shifters, Communicycle blessed me with a working vehicle. Early this past July, I came to one such workshop in Linmar, during Kingdom Week, to see if I could get a tire replaced. When the volunteer saw my bike wasn’t appropriate for where I would be using it, he helped me trade it in for an upgrade, a city bike designed for my needs. I commute with this bike almost every day. I was grateful to be able to come down to the New Brighton warehouse to help take apart bikes, later that month, and be apart of what this ministry does. You all are a blessing.

Thank you, Caleb- for giving back to your community through Communicycle!

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