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The Helpers

Hello! We haven't forgotten about the generosity we experienced this summer in receiving a bike for my son! Our "act of kindness" has been a slow process, but we are going through many bins of old clothes to give away to local families on our neighborhood "free-cycle" page. We also plan to do the same with toys, although that is a more difficult topic for my 6 year old! We plan to have the conversation about blessing others, and hopefully we can share some well loved toys around the holidays. The last part of our act of kindness will be re-stocking the community "snack box" at our church. The box is located along the route that many kids take to and from the middle school. It has been a wonderful thing for our neighborhood, but lately has not seen many donations. Thank you for the ministry you share with those in our communities! We have been blessed and so we shall bless others!   -Cindy Kobert

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