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Communicycle was formed in the Fall of 2011, when a group of men were building a handicap ramp for a woman in Aliquippa, PA. Her grandson asked them to fix a bike he and his grandfather had worked on in the past. After the bike was fixed, the word had gotten out to other neighborhood children who began asking for bike repairs as well. From there, Communicycle was born. There was a need in the community and we responded.  Since then, we have repaired and distributed thousands of bikes! We now serve neighborhoods all over Beaver County, PA and beyond.


Communicycle CONNECTs members of local communities to each other. Working on a bike together, fosters real relationship and meets real needs. Communicycle volunteers teach kids and community members how to do bike repairs- teaching skills and empowering individuals. Communicycle partners with community businesses and other community outreach organizations. Through these partnerships, we CONNECT with our community rather than compete, bringing better services to those who need them. 

Communicycle COLLECTs used bikes and bike parts in order to do our repairs and to refurbish bicycles to give to those who do not have a bike to ride. We offset expenses by COLLECTing scrap metal and our operations are done primarily by volunteers.

Communicycle ultimately seeks real CHANGE in the lives of individuals, neighborhoods, and entire communities. Our desire is to see kids, families, and neighbors come together to serve each other and to be served by each other. An act of kindness, no matter how small, can make a big difference in someone's life.

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