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1 Bike = Many Changed Lives

Here is what you need to know about REACH Community Church in Beaver Falls, PA: 

REACH is a church that has "open arms for everyone, from the youngest to eldest members of the community, including the homeless, drug and alcohol addicted, poor and unchurched. It is an outreach center and ministry training center with a primary focus on children." REACH was started and is run by Pastor Timothy Blanarik. 

Recently, Communicycle had the opportunity to provide bikes for REACH's community Easter egg hunt. These bikes were to be given away as prizes to a couple of children. 

Here is a story from Pastor Tim, about how a couple of bikes turned into more bikes and how those bikes are bringing about eternal good:

"Every Easter, REACH has given bicycles away as part of our annual Easter egg hunt.  After hearing about Communicycle's 1,000 Bike Giveaway campaign, we were grateful to be able to be supplied bikes through Communicycle for this Easter's event. But Communicycle was able to do more than just supply bikes for our egg hunt. The morning of the egg hunt, I was able to tell the kids that whoever did not win a bike and did not have one, could fill out a form and meet me the following Saturday to go pick out a bike from Communicycle. I had over 10 children fill out forms and receive a bike the following weekend. 

Communicycle turned everyone into a bike winner that day!  

And the story gets better... One girl who occasionally came to our programs signed up to get a bike. I picked her and all the other kids up on a Saturday morning and took them to Communicycle in New Brighton.  All the kids were so excited to get the bikes  but this particular girl was overly excited. The kids chose their bikes and we took them home. In the days following, I saw this girl riding her bike all through the neighborhood.  She was so proud of it.  

The following Thursday at our Thursday REACHkids program, she brought a bunch of new kids from her neighborhood. The kids enjoyed the program. That evening we were teaching on Baptism. I asked the kids who would like to be baptized and all the kids she brought responded. I found out that none of them were attending church anywhere and now these kids continue to come. 

I saw this girl yesterday riding her bike with a big smile as she waved at me." 

The photos above are from the Easter egg event at REACH Church in Beaver Falls, PA and the bike winners.

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