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CommuniCycle Work Day in Monaca Fall 2023-19.jpg

Bringing your group to volunteer with Communicycle is fun and easy! Here is what you can expect: Communicycle provides everything you will need (tools, gloves, etc) and we can teach anyone how to do this work, regardless of age or bike knowledge. 

  • You can let your volunteers know to wear clothing that they can get dirty. 

  • If you guys want to bring any snacks or coffees, we do have a conference-type room that you're welcome to use.

  • I believe Lee Montanari (copied on this email) will be leading you all but he might also recruit another mechanic or two to help that morning.

  • The morning will begin with Lee giving a little welcome talk (what is Communicycle, what we do, etc) and then he will begin the teaching portion.

  • Then most of the time will be working on bikes!

Volunteer Application
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