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Corbin's Kindness Chain

This spring, Communicycle has been distributing bikes to kids and adults who request them, in exchange for an act fo kindness in their community.  This is Communicycle's effort to see more kindness in our communities. We are calling it the "1,000 Acts of Kindness" campaign. It's fun to fix bikes and give bikes new homes, but it's even more fun to hear how the kindness is being paid forward- especially when we hear a story like Corbin's:

Corbin received a bike at one of the spring distribution events in Beaver County. He didn't wait too long to come up with a plan to pay it forward, and executed it last week! He attended his church’s Vacation Bible School and Corbin decided that he would like to pay for one child’s registration fee. He left a card that he made at the registration desk to be passed onto the first child who hadn’t yet paid. Inside the card he stated that he’d like to pay their registration fee and asked for the kindness chain to continue on!

His mom tells us that, "He is already brainstorming more ways to start additional kindness chains after having been a part of this one. Thank you again! We are very appreciative of the bike, but as a mom I am even more appreciative of you involving my child in this process of encouraging kindness and generosity."

Do you have a pay-it-forward story? Tell us how you are helping to make your community kinder. Submit your story here.

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